[Market-farming] Banana peppers

Mark A Abner wizard1 at kih.net
Sun Jul 4 12:03:39 EDT 2004

     I would be very interested in the recipe. I am quite interested in value
added agriculture that is why I invested in a cardeing mill to turn low price
fleece into high value ready to spin roveings : ) plus makeing pickles or jelly
increases the window of opertunity to sell something that has a short shelf life
in its fresh form best to work both ends of the market : )


Adriana wrote:

> This is not quite a response to your question as I don't know market pricing
> for peppers.  But one of my daughter's friends gave us a jar of Banana
> Pepper Jelly which was exceptional; better than any other pepper jelly I've
> ever tried.  You might consider doing an added value product with your
> peppers.  I've been meaning to request the recipe, let me know if you're
> interested.
> Adriana
> >     I was just wondering what you all get for banana peppers I ahve an
> > over abundance in the garden right now
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