[Market-farming] Tools for small farmers

Mark A Abner wizard1 at kih.net
Sat Jul 3 09:47:04 EDT 2004

I think that you would get in to the problem of a human being just not
being able to procduce enough horse power  to get the job done you are
talking about being able to ahve the strength to propel your weight the
weight of the bike and the weight of the eplement over rough terain plus
the the power required too break or till the ground. I just dont think
the human body can produce enough horse power to get the job done in
this fasion.
    That is the problem they ran into with the gosemear albatros
produceing enough horsepower to lift the weight of the man and the
machine the more muscle you have the more you weigh and the more work it
is just to move you so you get to a point of deminishing returns real
quick. They did finaly get it to fly but only for a little while at a
time and then the pilot had to be a very particular person of a very
particualr size and weight and in a very balanced condition. Not a thing
that could be made practicle for any kind of sustained use.
    Now if you wanted to make a 3 or 4 wheeled garden cart for hauling
produce and compost and what not I thik that could be made practicle
with the right gearing it is the added force necessary t break up the
ground that would over come the ability ot the human body to continuasy
produce the needed torque.

Mark in KY

Lucy Goodman wrote:

> I knew a guy who made a bicycle powered plow.
> It worked well in sand but in any other soil
> type it took far longer to use the bike
> implement than double digging. I think he
> could do a 50' x 8' bed in clay loam soils in
> about 6 hours. he based it on a design he got
> from a guy in N mex.
> I am not saying that bike powered tools could
> not be done but the things I have seen were
> interesting but not practical, oh except for
> the flour mill that could put out something
> like a pound an for an hour of peddling. That
> is not to say that with R&D bike power tools
> could not be way useful.
> Lucy Goodman
> Boulder Belt
> http://www.boulderbelt.com
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