[Market-farming] Tools for small farmers

Lucy Goodman goodows at infinet.com
Sat Jul 3 05:33:16 EDT 2004

I knew a guy who made a bicycle powered plow. 
It worked well in sand but in any other soil 
type it took far longer to use the bike 
implement than double digging. I think he 
could do a 50' x 8' bed in clay loam soils in 
about 6 hours. he based it on a design he got 
from a guy in N mex.

I am not saying that bike powered tools could 
not be done but the things I have seen were 
interesting but not practical, oh except for 
the flour mill that could put out something 
like a pound an for an hour of peddling. That 
is not to say that with R&D bike power tools 
could not be way useful.

Lucy Goodman
Boulder Belt

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