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John, I really like the design your colleagues put
together.  It is something I have had in my mind for
several years, especially as my back gets worse.  If
someone were to use that design for a production
model, would the university require some licensing or
fee for use of the design?

Is there any interest among this group of growers for
something like this?  Would you pay money for it?  How
much would you pay?  What would you like to see as
improvements?  Pedal power might be interesting, but
more useful for me would be a way to adjust the seat
for switching between harvesting lettuce to picking
beans without getting out the tool box.  The reason I
ask is that I have a friend who would love a limited
production run project like this.


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> They are not cheap but several (vegetable and
> flower) growers in WI have 
> invested in the Swedish-made "Drangen"---an
> ergonomic, lay-down crawler 
> tractor that can be used for planting, weeding, and
> harvesting.  The base 
> price is something like $6,000 dollars so they may
> not be in the price 
> range for many folks but I know both large-scale and
> small-scale growers 
> who have invested in them and the labor-savings and
> body pain-savings are 
> significant.  See the below links for information:
> http://bse.wisc.edu/hfhp/tipsheets_html/laydown.htm
> http://www.dobmac.com.au/drangen.html
> On the cheaper side of things, I sometimes use a
> strap-on milking stool 
> (http://bse.wisc.edu/hfhp/tipsheets_html/stool.htm)
> to pick things like cherry tomatoes and peas.
> For a description and plans for a self-propelled
> harvest cart, see:
> and
> http://bse.wisc.edu/hfhp/tipsheets_html/cart.htm
> -John
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