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TxBeeFarmer TxBeeFarmer at HotPop.com
Thu Jul 1 08:51:27 EDT 2004

Maybe they're not getting pollinated.  Not sure if they're like tomatoes or
not, but tomatoes inside must be shaken to distribute the pollen to the
other plants.

(West Texas) Mark

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This is my first year with tomatillos. I am growing Toma Verde. I potted a
few of them up to 15 gal pots early on. They are huge and gorgeous and
covered with flowers. Here is the question. The flowers are a beautiful
yellow but seem to turn brown in the middle and then fall off. Is this
normal for a tomatillo? They have been doing this for a week or so but I
have seen no sign of fruit development yet. Any insight? The bulk of them
are in the high tunnel and only now beginning to flower. Thanks!

Shelly Elliott
Idle Thyme Farm

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