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No, don't cut the roots and tops off in the field--it will make some bulbs rot.  Cure them on racks, just like you are doing.  A little layering on the racks is okay; just slows down the overall cure rate.

Dave Campbell
Tiffin IA  

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> Sorry if I just missed someone addressing this in the past few emails, but I'm 
> harvesting garlic for the first time- can someone give me a very detailed 
> rundown of their process for curing it? I have what I've harvested so far spread 
> out on a greenhouse table in my barn with the door open and fans on. 
> I don't intend to braid the tops, so can I cut the roots and tops off in the 
> field before drying? I was planning on spreading the garlic out on greenhouse 
> tables I moved into my barn, can I layer it or will that impeed the process? I 
> have a lot so I think I will hang some too, is there a right way to do that? Is 
> that a reason to keep the tops on so I can tie them up? Or can I throw the fresh 
> bulbs in a mesh bag and hang the whole bag? So many options I'm probably making 
> it more difficult than it needs to be.... 
> Thanks, 
> Emily 
> Spring Hill Farm 
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