[Market-farming] startup

Matt Cheselka cheselka at mksit.net
Tue Jan 6 12:05:21 EST 2004

Hello -- I too am fairly new to this list.  I've been "lurking" for a 
couple of months.  I'm just getting into this market farming activity and 
have yet to set up any "official" structure (i.e., setting up a business, 
etc.).  I don't have too many questions but one thing I am wondering about 
is if setting up a farming business exactly the same as setting up any 
other kind of business?  That is, do I need to go through the same hoops 
as I would if I were starting any other kind of company?  Like filing with 
the corporation commission, publishing my articles of incorporation, 
getting a buisiness license (if applicable for my city, county, and 
state).  I'm assuming the answer to this question is "yes", but I wanted 
to make sure.  My short term plans are to sell my veggies at farmers'
markets (which in my state is totally unregulated as far as I can tell 
looking at the statutes), but longer term I probably want to move into CSA 
and maybe supplying local restaurants.

If I need to go along the normal business route, then that's fine, but if 
there are alternatives, I'd like to hear about them (like if I don't have 
to establish a business in order to sell my veggies).  Since it probably 
matters what state I'm in,  I'll tell you that I'm in Arizona (yes -- 
where there's a 12-month growing season -- yehaw!).

Thanks and cheers,

Matt Cheselka

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