[Market-farming] Wasabi

adriana gutierrez-lagatta at charter.net
Sun Feb 29 16:08:22 EST 2004

Wasabi can be grown hydroponically but yes, the cultural requirements are
very particular.  Those who are growing it commercially in the US (in
Washington state) are keeping a tight lid on the growing methods due to
piracy attempts by Japanese "tourists".  There is a  New Zealand grower will
franchise his system but it will cost you at least $150,000 to get into it
and 18 months+ to get the first crop.  On top of that it would be good to
have a greenhouse to grow it in.  I can get you the information for the NZ
grower if you want.
\> I am having a discussion on another list about availablity of wasabi
> The question is it possible to grow it in large amounts for processing
> a non-food use)?
> I thought this would be a good place to ask if it can be successfully
> cultivated in large amounts.  If anyone here is actually growing it
> commerically, that info would be great too.  How large is large? I'm not
> sure but it would probably be several acres at least.


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