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You can check out the web site I made last year and it cost about a 150.00 a year for the site and to have it listed . This was my first and only one and once I figured it out , it is plumb easy as well as effective and I build it the way i want it to be . If anyone should be interested in building one  from VeriSign and has any questions , I would be willing to share my little knowledge . My web address is www.machinerymaintcorp.com/ . 
Bo Hinch
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  I am replying on list because this information may be useful to others. Last year I had my own site that I quickly created through Register.com. A strong word of caution. They are very user unfriendly and difficult to update. I was working this winter trying to develop my own and while I am computer savvy it was one more thing to do and I have enough of that. I finally decided to turn it over to someone who designs sites for  living. I was able to trade a CSA share for the domain registration, hosting fees and design services. He is available to make changes (usually within minutes) 5 days a week. I provided the content and he did all the design. I am able to approve everything before he posts it to the web. It is an easy way to stop on top of things with simply an email. These services normally cost about $500 - $800 a year but in my opinion the investment is worth the return. I have already received new business from the site. Thanks for all the feedback!

  Shelly Elliott
  Idle Thyme Farm and CSA

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