[Market-farming] comment period on GMO's

Jeff Snyder snyderjs at pathwaynet.com
Fri Feb 27 10:41:12 EST 2004

Please send me a copy of the document. I'd like to read what they have to
say. Thanks.

Jeff Snyder
Greenville, MI

RE: [Market-farming] comment period on GMO's

    In early Feb., Lucy Goodman alerted us to the opportunity to send
comments (via mail or email) to USDA regarding proposed regulations on GMO's
(comment period ends March 23rd)

     I have condensed the USDA request for comments into a mere 3 pages, and
urge anyone with a spare moment (hah!) to read through it and then send
comments.   Email me OFF LIST and I will send you the document (surprisingly
easy to understand).
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