[Market-farming] listserve etiquette

Nan Johnson nan at olemiss.edu
Thu Feb 26 17:40:05 EST 2004

Dear friends,  Just for those who aren't sure, if you want to reply to an individual OFF MARKET FARMING LISTSERVE, it's easy (at least in Outlook Express).   

1.  Double click open the person's email, then double LEFT click on their name in the  "FROM" line.
2. Next screen will be a what is termed a summary page, with the box "Add to Address Book" in the upper right hand corner.
3.  Single left click on the "Add to Address Book" box, and next screen will have their first and last name, email address for you to see. Make any changes you want, or not.
4.  Single left click "OK" at bottom, and voila! they are in your address book.

5.  Hit "Create mail" and type in their name, and it will go only to them, NOT the whole listserve, and everyone will love you for it!

thanks, nan at dancing goats farm
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