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They are all just huddled together in rows up and down the stems of the 
That sounds like aphids.  Find some ladybugs, they are voracious aphid 
eaters.  Even the lady beetle from Japan (the pesky one introduced into this 
country) will eat these.  Also, thorough watering of your plants will reduce aphid 
populations.  They tend to show up during the winter when watering is low and 
the soil is dry.  Put them in the shower and give them a good spraying, keeping 
the water pressure gentle.  If you can't get hold of any ladybugs, the cayenne 
pepper spray will work on aphids.
spray bottle, 1 qt
1/4 tsp. cayenne pepper, ground
liquid dish soap, 2 drops

Fill the spray bottle with water.  Add the cayenne pepper and 2 drops of dish 
soap.  Invert several times (don't shake).  Spray the entire plant and 
especially right on the aphids.  The soap water itself will kill the aphids and the 
ones that you don't see will no longer feed on your plant because of the 
cayenne.  Aphids will die in place, so you may still see aphid bodies on your plant 
until you physically remove them.  Repeat weekly until you no longer have an 
aphid problem.  Safe for all plants including edible ones.
Barb Birkinbine, Member
Oak Camp Herb Farm, LLC
Lodi, WI
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