[Market-farming] Tiny white/green bugs

herbthyme at simcon.net herbthyme at simcon.net
Tue Feb 24 14:50:49 EST 2004

Barb Birkinbine
What do the bugs look like?  Do they have wings or are they crawling bugs?  What size are they?  

Well, they are extremely tiny, all bunched together, they do not have any wings that I can see of, and they are not moving.  They are all just huddled together in rows up and down the stems of the plants.  At first I noticed shredded paper like "fuzz" on top of the soil.  And then I looked closer and I found those buggers.  And lots of them!  But I didn't see any on the Gerber Daisy that is wintering over next to them.  And I am talking tiny!

Barb Birkinbine
Are any other bug "structures" present, like spit, or webs?  Soft bodied or shell?   Are they present in the soil as well as the plant parts?

I didn't see any "spit or webs" anywhere and they are for sure soft bodied.  I didn't dig around in the soil, but I will...

How do you make the cayenne/soap water spray?  I have a ton of dried cayenne's from last season that I need to do something with!  Do I have to boil them or how do I go about this?  I will try squishing them first like you mentioned, then I will check out the soil.

Thanks for your help!

Herb Thyme

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