[Market-farming] Tiny white/green bugs

OakCamp2 at aol.com OakCamp2 at aol.com
Tue Feb 24 13:54:03 EST 2004

What do the bugs look like?  Do they have wings or are they crawling bugs?  
What size are they?  Are any other bug "structures" present, like spit, or 
webs?  Soft bodied or shell?   Are they present in the soil as well as the plant 
It's good that you placed the plants outside, but it's likely the bugs will 
hide in the soil til you bring them back in.  It would be best to treat the 
plants while they are outside during the day, if you plan to spray.  If you can 
see the bugs, it's fast and easy to squish them between your fingers and then 
watch for any more to emerge over the next few days.  I have always used 
cayenne/soap water spray with great success on bugs that are actually eating the 
plant.  If these bugs are soil bugs the cayenne spray won't work on them and 
that's a good thing because soil bugs aren't really hurting your plants. (They 
will leave black spots from poop, but are not actually harming your plant).
So check it out and see what you can find out- you might get lucky and have 
baby preying mantis on your plants!

Barb Birkinbine, Member
Oak Camp Herb Farm, LLC
Lodi, WI
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