[Market-farming] Estimating Labor Requirements for Square Foot Gardening

Marty Kraft martyk at allspecies.org
Thu Feb 19 08:36:27 EST 2004

Hello. I¹m new to this list.

I am with a not for profit that has two lots in Kansas City, Missouri. This
season we will be working with about a half dozen early to mid teenage kids
raising vegetables and flowers for sale at our garden side market. We will
be using raised beds and the square foot method to garden two plots totaling
3600 sq ft. I have gardened with various kids for about five years but never
for serious production and sale. We wish to start a profit sharing program
with the kids where they will earn hourly credits for their work. It is
important not to raise expectations too high or misestimate the work load
too much. I don¹t believe I have the experience necessary to estimate how
much labor it will take to tend our gardens and keep them looking good for

Can some of you with experience help with labor estimates?

With myself and six kids, how many hours per day should we plan to work in
the gardens? Preparing for the Saturday morning market?

Thank you

Marty Kraft
Heartland All Species Project

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