[Market-farming] Green house Benches, Barb

Pat Rupiper arupiper at bright.net
Thu Feb 19 06:00:33 EST 2004

My Husband built a 4 shelf system using the hog wire for shelving. That way the water and light runs through. The small spaces went in front so that if I have individual pots, they get held too. Make it no deeper (36- 48 inches or so) than you can stretch your arm with wand to water as it gets difficult to see the back. We made ours 18 inches apart, but the tomatoes and eggplants all ways get too tall before the end of May so they end up on the crushed rock base or the top shelf. Both of with have over 2 1/2 foot of space. We put down 4 x 4's to hold the shelving, as soil can get heavy. We cut the 15 foot wire panels in half. I am pleased. Nice and sturdy, inexpensive to make, and lets the light through all the empty spaces. It is strong enough to hold grow lights if the need arises, and, because my greenhouse is unheated, I can wrap the thing in plastic to promote warmth. 
Good luck! 
Pat, Kinnikinnick Gardens
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