[Market-farming] Buying a Tractor

Tom at Limerock limerock at thirdplanet.net
Wed Feb 18 09:58:21 EST 2004

Jim  --  What hp is your 'new to you' Kubota?  Is it four wheel drive?
Sorry about my ignorance regarding Kubotas', but I am seeing more and more
of them and have thoughts of letting our Ford 4000 take it a bit easier in
the future.

Tom Anslow
Limerock Orchards

> Yesterday I bought a Kubota L2900 (1998) with 820 hours on it for nine
> grand.  It has 9 speed slide-shift on it so I can pull my 10 foot tandem
> disc and give our old Case 312 (1956)  a rest.  The dealer is also getting
> me a new 49 inch gear driven tiller for an extra thousand.  We will be
> the L2900 for spreading manure, tilling, bed building, mulch laying and
> harvesting of our fruits and vegetables, plus mowing, disking, PTO
> etc.  It has a loader with a hydraulic brush clamp for trash removal which
> will be nice here in ice-storm-alley, Kansas.  I bought it from the local

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