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I seem to remember from a photo-biology course many, many years ago that the
majority of growth takes place at night.  In research growth chambers, I
remember the optimal being plant dependent, but never remember anyone using
more than 16 hours of light - ever.  The other piece here, alluded to with
your message, is the nighttime warmth -- warm temps at night encourage rapid
growth, especially in the summer veggies like tomatoes, peppers, melons,
etc.  That's why you really need to be careful in your greenhouses, cold
basements, etc -- not just for freeze issues, but growth too.

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> Wow! 24 hours of light a day, doesn't that seem excessive - I always
> they needed that period of dark.  I wonder what he accomplishes with that
> intense amount of light.  I left mine on through the night during a very
> cold period thinking it would help to keep the temperature up in our
> basement growing area - the basement itself can get down around 45 when
> temperatures are single digit outside.  But I worried about screwing up
> their little systems with too much light.
> Just proves there's no single way to do this growing stuff!!
> Joan
> Windwalker Farm
> Ottawa, Kansas
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