[Market-farming] Buying a Tractor

Jim Vibert jim at windwalkerboats.com
Tue Feb 17 18:28:58 EST 2004

Bare with me on this as it is my first post, Joan usually does it.  We have
been in the serious "buying a tractor" mode for the last seven weeks or so.
Yesterday I bought a Kubota L2900 (1998) with 820 hours on it for nine
grand.  It has 9 speed slide-shift on it so I can pull my 10 foot tandem
disc and give our old Case 312 (1956)  a rest.  The dealer is also getting
me a new 49 inch gear driven tiller for an extra thousand.  We will be using
the L2900 for spreading manure, tilling, bed building, mulch laying and
harvesting of our fruits and vegetables, plus mowing, disking, PTO seeding,
etc.  It has a loader with a hydraulic brush clamp for trash removal which
will be nice here in ice-storm-alley, Kansas.  I bought it from the local
Mahindra dealer. It was a toss up over a new Mahindra.  I opted for the used
equipment over new as I am buying several pieces of equipment this season
and wanted to contain my cash outlay.  If I was looking at a tractor only, I
probably would have gone for the new Mahindra as they have a three year
warranty. I dabbled with FORD 3000's with loaders but kept coming back to
the smaller machines with four wheel drive. The older machines I looked at
in the 4 to 6K range reminded me too much of my old Case.  (an hour of prep
for each hour of use) The dealer is installing a new joy stick on the
loader, all new plastic cowlings on the front, servicing all filters and
oils. He also is insisting to bring it out to the farm with an oversized
tiller so I can use it and be sure it is the machine that will work for us.
That I liked.  

-- Jim Vibert
Windwalker Farm

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