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    I'm glad you met Lynn. He's a man that I don't think has ever thought inside the box!

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  This is exactly the method that I use in windy southeast Wyoming. I use old wire highway fence to make my tomato cages and I find a 55 gallon drum liner fits down over the cages perfectly and can be kept in place with a few clothespins. A bit labor intensive but saving grace from hail and cold temperatures. Although this year it looks like I will be trialing tomatoes in a high tunnel!!! I cannot wait.

  Oh and Bill, I had the opportunity to hear someone speak this last week that I believe you know, Mr. Lynn Clarkson. What an inspiring man!

  Shelly Elliott
  Idle Thyme Farm and CSA

  If you would have a lovely garden, you should live a lovely life! ~ Shaker saying
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