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jasperm1 jasperm at iquest.net
Tue Feb 17 08:38:01 EST 2004

>Anyone have any experience with the DR Field and Brush Mower?
>Thanks so much,
>Pleasant Shade, TN


I love my DR.  Have had it for 3 seasons now and it is a real worker on 
brush as well as grass and weeds.  I have not been able to get it stuck 
but it would be a bugger if I ever did.  It has cut through some locust 
and hedgeapple sapplings that actually sheared the pin on my tractor 
brush mower.  I would suggest you get the brush blade if you plan to mow 
anything but grass.  It will make a difference.

That said I also have a John Deere 5200 Diesel tractor now too because 
you are not going to be able to mow much more than an acre an hour with 
the DR in the best of circumstances.  Unless you jog behind the thing or 

I think it is great for areas like my dam where I really can't get 
comfortable using the tractor and also to maintain roads and trails in my 
woods and in grassy areas that I leave for the birds.

I just wish I had waited another 6 months when I bought mine so I could 
have gotten one that has all the other attachment options.  So I don't 
really have any personal experience with things like the finish mower 
however one of the guys who own the property next door has and is very 
happy with that aspect too.  As he puts it one less engine to maintain.

When I first got the property I got the DR and made due until my brother 
in law moved out of state and made me a deal on the tractor.  If you 
don't mind spending alot of time walking your property in a very 
systematic way  ;-), maybe all you need is the DR.  

I had a guy mow what I needed twice a year before I got the John Deere 
but again it was left for ground nesting birds in the summer.

For what that is worth.

Mike Jasper

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