[Market-farming] Recommendations on DR Field and Brush Mower

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Mon Feb 16 09:31:26 EST 2004

Lisa, I've never used a DR mower, but 15 acres of overgrown pasture is a
HUGE undertaking with a walk-behind anything.

There are so many other jobs a tractor can help with besides mowing -- 
tilling, hauling logs, drilling post holes, raking/baling/hauling hay, ad
infinitum -- that it's hard to imagine that you wouldn't soon find yourself
buying the tractor anyway.

As for the hilly terrain: Make sure if you buy a tractor that it has a
rollover protection system (ROPS) and wear your seatbelt. Serious injuries
or death can take a lot of the fun out of farming.

Strictly my opinion: If it's too steep to mow, it's probably going to erode
quickly under hooves.

Errol Castens
Oxford, Mississippi

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> Hi,
> We are trying to decide whether to purchase the DR Field and Brush
> Mower. We recently purchased 22 acres in a Tennessee hollow. There is
> good bottom land, but we are surrounded by a lot of uneven and hilly
> terrain. There is a pasture on the hillside that hasn't been bushhogged
> in probably 15 years. So we are trying to decide between getting a
> tractor or this Field and Brush Mower that seems like it may be more
> suitable for our terrain.
> Anyone have any experience with the DR Field and Brush Mower?
> Thanks so much,
> Lisa
> Pleasant Shade, TN
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