[Market-farming] Recommendations on DR Field and Brush Mower

Lisa Shively lisa at pressnetwork.com
Mon Feb 16 08:57:22 EST 2004

We are trying to decide whether to purchase the DR Field and Brush 
Mower. We recently purchased 22 acres in a Tennessee hollow. There is 
good bottom land, but we are surrounded by a lot of uneven and hilly 
terrain. There is a pasture on the hillside that hasn't been bushhogged 
in probably 15 years. So we are trying to decide between getting a 
tractor or this Field and Brush Mower that seems like it may be more 
suitable for our terrain.

Anyone have any experience with the DR Field and Brush Mower?

Thanks so much,
Pleasant Shade, TN

P 615.677.6645
F 615.677.6644

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