[Market-farming] Field peas and GMOs

Alliums garlicgrower at earthlink.net
Sun Feb 15 12:01:40 EST 2004

Allan wrote:

>This reminds me of another question: aside from contamination, can we 
>pretty safely rely on GMO products being MAREKETED to us and not simply 
>sold as generic crops?

As someone who has written far too many book reviews on GMOs, I'd say that 
it's pretty safe to assume that a GMO is not going to be marketed as a 
generic crop.  The whole purpose of GMOs is to make money on the patenting 
and the tech fee (added in addition to the seed cost) and Monsanto, etc, 
aren't going to pass up those added costs because that's where their 
profits come from.  They want their money, so they aren't going to let it 
become "generic"

Companies create GMOs from plants that LOTS of growers use and even more 
buyers consume so that they can make economies of scale work for 
them.  That's why the next great GMO battle is on wheat -- how many people 
in the world eat wheat bread?

>Or is there some sort of 'registry', so, that even though it illogical 
>that an $18 bag of field peas would be genetically engineered, I'd have 
>some way to really feel like I'd done all I could to make sure that they 
>weren't? (I'm aware of the contamination issues, unfortunately.)

SOC withstanding (;-)), there just ain't no money in cover crops, so I 
can't imagine that anyone is bothering with field peas.  While there might 
be GM genes in your field pea (although I really doubt anyone is going GM 
with peas at all since they are not that much of a global crop), I don't 
think anyone has intentionally put them there.

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