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Sun Feb 15 08:34:39 EST 2004

Broccolini is one of those relatively new hybrid vegetables, a cross between 
broccoli and Chinese kale or gai lan. It was developed by a Japanese seed 
company, the Sakata Seed Co. of America in Morgan Hill, Calif., and took about 
eight years to perfect. Broccolini is also known as asparation - probably 
intended to hint at an association with asparagus because the vegetable has a small 
floret at the end of an asparagus-like stalk. This is in a way related to 
rapini but it is not the same thing. Rapini does not produce the nice slim stalks 
but rather produces a very, very slim stalk with bunches of leafy material. 
With rapini, leafy material is cooked with flower stalks whereas brocolini only 
the stalks are cooked. 
I do not know if the seed is available yet as seed was only being distributed 
to a few select growers in CA. 

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