[Market-farming] Donations as a promotion for your farm

Liz Pike liz at laughingbrookfarm.com
Fri Feb 13 20:41:06 EST 2004

Yeah, donating feels good and it'll come back to you and all, but let's get
real here...sometimes these requests come too frequently and from those who
don't give a second thought as to the monetary sacrifice from whom they're
asking.  You're running a farm BUSINESS, not a philanthropy.  There comes a
time when every business must decide exactly how much good will to proffer
and to whom.  There are lots of people and organizations out there ready to
take advantage of any good hearted individual &/or business.  They don't
care if they give you a plug, they just want your stuff.

First off, separate personal & business donations, then decide in advance
who you'd like to support and the budget you can allow for donations.  When
asked to give a business donation not in your budget, instead of feeling
like a shmuck for saying no, ask for more information so you can consider
the request when you next review your budget.  This is more than just
"sounding" professional.  It's exactly how larger corporations handle the
wealth of requests they get every year, and you can bet they certainly don't
donate to every cause who approaches them (and they also consider the
exposure they earn by supporting a selected charity).

I'm already getting hit up for "donations" of flowers to various church
altars each week..and it isn't even spring yet.  I've started answering with
"I'd be happy to--in exchange for a donation of $$ to the farm."  (some
people grin, some looked perplexed, others, well--shwoop...right over their
heads) Of course I always want to ask if their boss asks them to donate
their time at work, but that's getting petty  ; )))

Liz Pike
Laughingbrook Farm
Westfield NC
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