[Market-farming] Indoor Germination Tables

Paul St. John stjohn36g at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 13 12:44:05 EST 2004

For our tables I screwed 1x4 to the edge, drilled a
hole for a drain at one end, at the opposite end I
placed a 1x4 under to slightly elevate it. I then
placed a layer of 6 mil plastic over the whole table,
the plastic overlapped the walls. The drain end I just
tugged the plastic into the hole cut it long and
inserted a small piece of hard plastic tubing to
direct the flow into a  5 gal bucket. this has kept
the bulk of the watering of flats on the plants and
not the floor of my basement. Some day I'll move out
doors for this, but for the cost of electric I can
start what I can indoors. 

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