[Market-farming] Donations as a promotion for your farm

DreamThymeFarm dreamthymefarm at zoominternet.net
Thu Feb 12 18:02:25 EST 2004

I give to organizations that I feel that I support. If it is a benefit for 
education, or medical supplies for a child or for a trade show that I am 
part of, I figure it is all for that organization or group. It IS promoting 
your farm. THAT winner may never come back, BUT someone who saw your name 
there and somewhere else may become a future customer. Or, the people that 
held the fundraiser or asked for the donation are the ones who will give 
you business.
I support businesses who donate to a charity, I see who donated and make a 
point next time I am near to stop in and buy something if I need it. I have 
had people contact me because of baskets I have given.
I think if you give to what you feel worthy, then future business is a gift 
in itself.
The business comes back threefold when you do something good for someone.
Hang in there, it will pay off, it always does.

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