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Wow! Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I did not realize that I had 
this email. I have been traveling a lot and not ignoring you. I sell 
micro-greens in plastic flats. I use many wooden flats at home but would cost me too 
much if the night staff dumped them in the trash or took them home for CD's. I 
get $8.00 a flat. I have never sold to food coops but my customers are begging 
for growing greens so I am trialing them in plastic clamshells about the size 
of a take home dinner box. That is a good size for the general consumer. 
Right now I am only selling a few flats a week but that is only because of 
schedule issues. I am not too into the wholesale end of things, not enough money for 
the time and effort that it takes. Bagel and sandwhich shops really love them. 
For me it is just another product to supplement what I already deliver, salad 
greens, eggs, etc.

Shelly Elliott
Idle Thyme Farm and CSA

If you would have a lovely garden, you should live a lovely life! ~ Shaker 
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