[Market-farming] Germination trays

adriana gutierrez-lagatta at charter.net
Tue Feb 10 13:19:14 EST 2004

There are actually 2 separate concerns that you need to address.
1.  The first is irrigation which you can address with either ebb and flow
tables from a nursery supplier like Gemplers or capillary mats or bottom
watering in Permanest type trays.

2. The second concern is proper ventilation.  You will still get mold and
high humidity unless you properly ventilate the room providing fresh outside
air exchanges on a very frquent basis.

> >I looked into having metal trays custom -made, but the price was very
> >prohibitive. Anyone know of a plastic tray or company that might make
one, which we
> >could use to cover the whole table and water from the bottom? Anyone have
> >other ideas to create a system in which we could water from the bottom,
so we
> >are not always watering our basement floor as well?

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