[Market-farming] In the news: Steve Moore and Steve McFadden

Allan Balliett igg at igg.com
Tue Feb 10 07:55:17 EST 2004

Steve and Carol Moore are featured on the cover of HOME POWER 
magazine, the renewable energy resource magazine, the one everyone 
referred me to last week. Sadly enough, I only know this because it 
was mentioned at PASA and witnessed at the www.homepower.com site. 
BORDERS, our only source of 'good magazines,' does not have the new 
issue in. Of course, they stopped carrying ORION and The Ecologist 
and I had to beg them to start carrying HARPERS again....

Steve McFadden's definitive article on the true origins of the CSA 
movement is now published at New Farm. www.newfarm.org (.com?) (This 
url maybe too 'easy. my apologies if it is wrong.)


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