[Market-farming] Indoor Germination Tables

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Mon Feb 9 19:52:41 EST 2004


Aimee, Capillary mats are what you need. They come in rolls usually 3 or
4 feet wide by 150 feet long and 1/4" thick made of a very water
absorbent material. You roll out the mat on a bench over a sheet of
black poly mulch type plastic and lay runs of drip tape on top every 12"
wide the length of the bench. the drip tape soaks the mat and flats are
placed on top of the mat and draw up water by capillary action. Properly
set you will not have any runoff. Mats cost about 20 cents a square
Sunny Meadow Farm
Bridgeton, NJ.

>  Anyone have any other ideas to create a system in which we could
> water from the bottom, so we are not always watering our basement
> floor as well?
> Thanks!
> Aimee Kocis & John Good
> Charlestown Cooperative Farm
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