[Market-farming] Indoor Germination Tables

Goodaim at aol.com Goodaim at aol.com
Mon Feb 9 16:49:05 EST 2004

I  have a germination room in my basement which consists basically of 2 
tables 20' by 2', with a layer of insulation and heat mat on the tables. We have 
growing lights hanging about 4-6'' off the table, depending on the height of the 
seeding trays used. The only problem we have with this system is watering. We 
do have drainage in the basement, so up to this point we have been watering 
with a wand and just letting the excess run down the drains. However, in a wet 
year, like last one, it takes a long time to dry and mold grew in the 
basement. Any ideas?
I looked into having metal trays custom -made, but the price was very 
prohibitive. Anyone know of a plastic tray or company that might make one, which we 
could use to cover the whole table and water from the bottom? Anyone have any 
other ideas to create a system in which we could water from the bottom, so we 
are not always watering our basement floor as well?

Aimee Kocis & John Good
Charlestown Cooperative Farm
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