[Market-farming] staking tomatoes

Ploughshare gjbrever at midwestinfo.net
Mon Feb 9 12:42:57 EST 2004

Ok,  a couple questions in regards to the staking tomatoes discussion.
First off, I have to say that for the past 2 years now we have tried to grow
in our large hoop house (20x80 structure) both tomatoes and peppers on black
plastic.  Our main problem has been MOSQUITOS and HEAT!!!  We have screens
on the end doors (10'x10') as well as a 4'  screened ventalation  all around
the bottom of the structure.  Yet, when it comes around mid to late June,
temparatures are well over a 100 degrees in the day time.  Then, the buzzing
begins and it gets unbearable to even enter the hoop house to weed or prune.
By the 4th of July it is a rainforest in our structure with weeds getting as
high as our knees and tomato plants going every which way.
The nice thing about having these tomatoes under cover has been no blight.
When I have suited up with rain gear and netting to enter the structure in
July and August, the fruits inside have been great.  However, you know as
well as I that this is no way to do farming.
    Has anyone else had such an experience?  When I took a look at Lucy's
structures  I wonder if the heat and mosquito situation would be even worse
because there is even less ventalation.  Lucy mentioned about taking off the
plastic later in the season.  However, the main reason for us to use plastic
is to protect against blight--both early and late.

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