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Sun Feb 8 19:57:57 EST 2004

Nearly all market gardeners live in small towns, right?  We have gotten to 
know the reporters, editors, etc. of our two local papers and we do get mention. 
 I won't say that we're nice to them for the publicity; the three that have 
done articles about us are just really nice people and we love visiting with 
them.  The only thing we give them "extra" is a bit more of our time.  If you 
don't know them, read your newspaper, find out who writes, call them up and 
invite them out.  Also, call the food editor of the nearest "big city" paper and 
talk about your farm.  We actually had a food writer for the Dallas paper come 
out and pick asparagus and write about it!!!  

A few months ago, Rob Johnston of Johnny's Seeds suggested that I tell our 
local paper about planting onions at the correct time and it occurred to me that 
I (and all serious MG's) could volunteer articles on gardening to our little 
local papers.  

Germination flats are germinating.  I think my husband spends half his day 
just staring at them and dreaming.  Maybe that's why we get such good 
Wendy Akin
Akin Farm
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