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Sun Feb 8 17:13:08 EST 2004


I concur that Bob Farr does an exceptional job
of publicizing and marketing "The Chileman"

Because many farmers are not of the same
temperament that Bob is may mean they
need to use differing methods to get plenty
of publicity.  News editors of both print and
broadcast outlets are always looking for
good new and continuing stories.  But they
have to have a need or want for your story.

Many farmers could use the winter to their
advantage by setting up a publicity schedule
for their farm, market, product or CSA if they
followed the rules for getting publicity.

Here's a resource I found helpful for learning
those rules, and the price is right at $20.00,
plus shipping and handling.  It's a book, written
in an easy to follow style with plenty of good
examples.  It also delves into using video
press releases and approaching radio outlets.

How to Get Free Publicity for Yourself,
Your Business or Your Organization

by Catherine V. McIntyre

go to the publisher's website for best results


and click on "Business, etc...  Titles"

According to Phil, you still have five
weeks of Winter left so time is of the

Regards all,

Jay Gee
not a farmer but interested in farming

On Sat, 7 Feb 2004 23:26:13 -0500, Leigh Hauter wrote:

> I heard the story on NPR this evening (or was it last night?) about 
> your caffeinated  hot sauce and I want to know how you get such good 
> media so often.  It seems I hear a story in some media outlet about 
> your operation at least once a month.
> How do you do it?

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