[Market-farming] Staking tomatoes

JERRY ANDERBERG jerryanderberg at hotmail.com
Sun Feb 8 13:52:30 EST 2004

I was wondering if anyone could help with some advice.  We are market 
gardeners in Billings, Montana with a growing season of 120 days.  We grow 
mostly determinate tomatoes concentrating on Northern Exposure and Early 
Goliath.  We set transplants out under row cover which is removed in about 5 
weeks as blossoms begin to set.  At this time we have very vigorous plants 
that set heavy fruit.  Our problem with staking is that the fruit is so 
heavy that the main stems  break off as the fruit grow while we are trying 
to get the plants to stand up.  What usually happens is that the plants grow 
along the ground and are hard to pick and do not ripen very evenly.  I 
believe we need to stake earlier with a better structure than just a short 
bean poll.  Any suggestions.
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