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We should all tear a page out of your marketing book. Farmers tend to
come up a little short in the marketing department. I myself need
inspiration to sell more and tell our storey. This is what the public
wants so give it to them.

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Ah; it's nice to be recognized!

Nope - we don't have a full-time PR person.  In fact, we don't have any
at all.

The way to get press:  just keep on being in the public eye.  We do 40
fairs/year.  That introduces us (that is, me and my wife, Carol) to
thousands of people.  We figure we've met over 40,000 people in the five
years of doing the Chile Man.

I've also cultivated relationships with writers, esp. at the Washington
Post (we're 62 miles NW of Wash., D.C.).  So, a lot of this has to do
with being personal, and with personality (I'm odd, crazy and different,
and writers like that.  Matter of fact, we could probably say that about
most farmers!).

Writers are always looking for good stories.  If you have one and simply
tell them about it, chances are they'll pick it up.

I have a program which I teach (when I speak at conferences) that I call
PEPPERS (naturally!):
P - Personality
E - Entertainment
P - Persistance
P - Persona
E - Education
R - Reverence
S - Satisfied Customers

This pretty much explains my approach to marketing our business.

As a shameless plug - I'm always willing to present my program, "Making
Your Small Farm Profitable" at conferences, where I talk about
marketing, building business awareness, building business preference -
and making more money.  If any of y'all are interested, just contact me
off list.

BTW, check out the May issue of Southern Living (Mid-Atlantic edition)
for a profile on the Chile Man!

Keep on talking -

Robert Farr
The Chile Man
(540) 668-7160

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