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Ahhh - Penn State - where I went to college.
What is up with Percy Schmeiser these days?  What did he report about the
law suit against him?  Is he still farming?

                        Jill, Wisconsin
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  I returned last evening from the annual PASA (PA. Association for
Sustainable Ag)  "Farming For The Future" Conference. It was, as usual,
amazing and informative.  Keynote speakers were Percy Schmeiser, Paul
Hawkins, and Anuradha Mittal.

  There were many workshops for market gardeners and farmers of all stripes
on everything from bees to biodynamics.  The growing interest in high
tunnels was addressed and those workshops were packed--  had to turn people

  The best part was meeting so many new friends and forming new networks of
colleagues; both farmers as well as the "Citizen Eaters" who are concerned
about the state of their food.  These are the people we are growing for,
and the message I got is that they truly care and will support us all the
way from the halls of the legislators to the offices of the giant
supermarket chains.

  It was heartening to see a huge contingent of new farmers at the
conference-  they came to find out how to get started and they were welcomed
warmly.  I hope to see them all back there next year with tales of success!

  Refreshed,  renewed,  ready to plant thousands of tiny little seeds...


  Silver Wheel Farm,  PA

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