[Market-farming] Robert Farr

Leigh Hauter lh at pressroom.com
Sat Feb 7 23:26:13 EST 2004

I heard the story on NPR this evening (or was it last night?) about 
your caffeinated  hot sauce and I want to know how you get such good 
media so often.  It seems I hear a story in some media outlet about 
your operation at least once a month.

How do you do it?

Here are some of my guesses----

1. you have a full time pr person

2. your wife is head producer at NPR or CBS or something like that

3. You have a huge slush fund for bribing editors

4.  You do a good job of publicizing what you do.

5.  All of the above

Anyway, you do a good job.  I wish I could go to the store and 
instead of buying a bottle of your chileman sauce, I could buy a 
bottle of your publicity.

Do you want to share any thoughts on getting publicity with the rest 
of us humble, unpublicized toilers of the earth?

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