[Market-farming] Ruth Stout style gardening

Alan Whitaker awhitaker at greenlynk.com
Thu Feb 5 23:01:38 EST 2004


yes the Covington planter is for peas, beans, cotton, millet, sorghum, okra,
you might get a plate built for smaller seeded things like spinach, but if
your using a Planet Jr., your used to overplanting anyhow.  You could use
the smallest plate I suppose on the smallest spacing and make a go of it.
The setup I'm using is their tool bar model, high speed (plant at up to 6
MPH) large on 30" centers.  Being on a tool bar you could put them how ever
close you would want.  They are similar in the way they work.  A coulter
makes a furrow for the seed and press wheels cover.  I'm attempting to
modify mine with an additional set of coulters for the trash.  I paid around
$500 per row for this setup last March.  I use an antique Planet Jr.setup
for turnips, collards, kale, etc........  It's old, all metal and I can
rebuild it when needed.

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> On Thu, Feb 05, 2004 at 12:42:28PM -0600, Alan Whitaker wrote:
> > I'm modifying my Covington two-row high speed planter for use with trash
> > coulters to be a no-till planter.  This will be experimental this year.
Everthing else will be transplanted, like sweet potatoes, maters, taters,
peppers, etc.
> Tell me about your Covington, is that a corn/cotton/sorghum/soybean
> planter?  I'm looking to replace a pair of Planet Jrs (about 9" apart)
> with something that will plant through some trash.  I need to plant
> mostly peas and spinach.
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