[Market-farming] Ruth Stout style gardening

Alan Whitaker awhitaker at greenlynk.com
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Hello all,

I'm currently in the process of going to this system for 2 of my 18 acres under vegetable production.  I will build beds that I can work with a tractor or by hand with grassed paths between.  I''ll run chicken tractors down these paths until it gets too hot for the birds.  Then I'll mow and use the grass for mulch.  
I'm in south AL, and keeping organic matter in this sandy soil is impossible if you turn the soil.  I've tried every  thing to maintain some OM but this heat and humidity with long growing season is a killer.  Our soil does not freeze.  I have 6 acres of Bahia grass that I cut and roll and fertilize with chicken litter that I'll use for the mulch.  We just lay the roll at the head of the row and unroll.........
I'm going to give up composting because it seems to me that to compost for heat here, you need to do it under cover and I've none.  It's either too dry or too wet.
I'm modifying my Covington two-row high speed planter for use with trash seperating
coulters to be a no-till planter.  This will be experimental this year.  Everthing else will be transplanted, like sweet potatoes, maters, taters, peppers, etc.
I use Queen-gil drip tape and will put it under the mulch and hopefully not have to mess with it for  few years if I can keep the rats from chewing it.


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  Does anyone practice Ruth Stout style gardening on a commercial level?


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