[Market-farming] Solar Powered Inflation fans?

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> Our low last night was 16.  

We have been struggling to get this for a high the last two weeks.  I can 
testify that 4' spacing is needed with this much snow for the hoophouses to 
withstand the weight.  I have one building completely covered with snow and is 
still standing.  We have had over 20" in the last 7 days, with little time to get 
anything cleaned out but all our houses and plastic is still OK.  Forecasting 
8 to 10 for tonight thru Friday with the good old 30 MPH winds out of the 
North so well see.  Wouldn't do any good to try to get the snow off the buildings 
because the drifts are higher than the buildings. 

Has anyone used silver or chrome plastic to help with reflection for fighting 
the aphids?

Phil From Frigid Iowa
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