[Market-farming] re: Solar Powered Inflation fans?

Allan Balliett igg at igg.com
Wed Feb 4 13:35:05 EST 2004

Thanks, Toni. I did see a paddle wheel in there that interested me, but...
I really am hoping for an out-of-the-box solution. I'm too busy to 
learn a new trade! Thanks, though -Allan

>    I hope i am sending this to this new-to-me list the correct way this
>time....last posts were returned to me!
>I'd like to suggest Homepower Magazine as a source for info and vendors.
>They are a great bunch of folk there........i am a bit predjudied toward
>them, as my brother is an editor and a writer for that group!!  They
>really walk the talk and are so helpful.  The archives there are good,
>soon to be "Clifty Gardens"
>Red River Gorge, Kentucky
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