[Market-farming] Red Mulch experiences

Leigh Hauter lh at pressroom.com
Tue Feb 3 18:27:02 EST 2004

>Has anyone used this red plastic mulch that is suppose to increase 
>tomato production up to 20%. If so what is your experience?

We used it several years ago.  We grew tomatoes through it right next 
to tomatoes growing through regular black mulch.  We didn't notice a 
difference.  Maybe we grew the tomatoes -black plastic, red plastic 
too close together (???) for a difference to be noted.

What we did notice though was the red plastic was hell getting out of 
the field.  It turned real friable  and just crumbled into pieces. 
It was so much work we said "Never again."  Maybe they have developed 
red plastic that holds up better, but I would check first.

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