[Market-farming] tomatillos and a 'worm'

Ken Bezilla kenbez at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 3 17:10:33 EST 2004

We've had the tomatillo worm here in south central Missouri.  Haven't ever 
figured out what it is.  Don't think it's a corn earworm -- if I remember 
right (I've hardly ever seen anything), the worms I've seen were small and 
dark, slimy green.

Here we plant out big tomatillos under reemay 4/15, and take off the reemay 
5/15.  Usually we get some good tomatillo harvests until August, when that 
worm shows up and suddenly we never get another fruit -- whatever it is 
crawls in the fruit and leaves only empty paper husks behind.  I tried bT a 
few times but didn't have any luck -- maybe the application wasn't thorough 
enough?  But it's hard to spray bT on such massive plants, esp with whatever 
insect is chomping on them hidden inside the paper husks, and there's so 
much else to do in August that it hasn't been a research priority...

Ken Bezilla
East Wind
southern Missouri, zone 6b

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