[Market-farming] tomatillos and a 'worm'

Elaine Granata ecgranat at ouray.cudenver.edu
Tue Feb 3 16:36:42 EST 2004

MeLani:  My tomatillos get tomato fruit worm -- they penetrate the entire
fruit and get nice and fat if you don't catch them in time.  Bt works on

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> I have not grown tomatillos since moving to SW Missouri and will be
> planting some this season.
> A neighbor has told me that while they thrive in the heat here, she
> finds they are frequently under attack from a worm of some sort.  It
> apparently lives just under the outer paper shell, near the top of the
> fruit.
> Any ideas as to what the pest is and how to prevent or control it?
> MeLani
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