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Jill Taylor Bussiere jdt at itol.com
Fri Oct 31 10:48:30 EST 2003

Here are some things you can do...

Keep on doing what you are doing - we who grow local food are already doing
hard work to make a sustainable vision a reality.

Work for public financing of elections.
Learn about how corporate globalization - WTO, NAFTA, World Bank, IMF are
driving wages, quality of life, and environmental standards down the world
over - work to substitute local control, fair trade, and including workers
and environmentalists, and people in general in decisions made about these
far reaching treaties and organizations.  Currently corporations and the
upper echelons of governments (corporately controlled) make these decisions
behind closed doors.  These decisions must be made democratically, with the
input of the people they effect.  This is one of the main points of those
who protest them and are affected by them, as in the case of the Korean
farmer who killed himself at the demonstrations in Cancun.

Of course, this can only be done in the off-season, because there isn't time
for people involved in growing food to do them at other times:^)

And Pat, I already know which Democratic candidate advocates for pulling out
of NAFTA.  He is the best of the lot:^)   I want to mention, too that the
candidates of our party all advocate for pulling out of NAFTA, and for the
public financing of elections, amd for ending corporate control of
elections, etc. etc.

I want to affirm what Pat said about learning about issues....Informed
citizens are crucial for a democracy.                -Jill

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> >I see a growing, broad-based rebellion against that oursourcing and
> >unemployment. Pat, my theme is, the Big Secret of making a livelihood and
> >living cheap is local production for local consumption. It works because
> >bypasses the middlemen who all have to get their cut, from supermarkets
> >car dealers, from realtors to shipping lines. Buying local food is the
> >Big Thing. But it's only the beginning of Buy Local.
> If, indeed, there are enough local farmers still existing
> for it to be a big thing..... it doesn't seem that way to
> me.
> I live in a fast-dying agricultural area (dairy farming), so
> maybe I get a distorted view.
> But gosh:  every week there's at least one farm auction here
> because someone has given up, or died and the children don't
> want the farm, or gone bankrupt.  It's really sad to drive
> around this area and see all the dead farms.  :(
> Pat

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