[Market-farming] Refrigeration

Willie McKemie mf at austinfarm.org
Thu Oct 30 13:46:56 EST 2003

> When buying used equipment make SURE that the unit takes the most curent
> form of refrigerant otherwise it will cost you an arm and two or three legs
> when it needs to be recharged.

FWIW: I have two walkins, one 8x16, the other about 12x18.  They each 
cost about $1500 used, setup and working.  The older one ran about ten 
years with no trouble at all.  They both started out R12.  When the 
older one developed a leak, I had it changed over to the newer 
refrigerant.  That compressor lasted one year more.  I've had at least 
three new compressors between the two coolers, each time it cost $1K or 

My recommendation is to not be afraid of used equipment, but be 
prepared to make emergency repairs.  Have a a refrigeration guy lined 
up and have funds in reserve for a new compressor.

Nothing is more alarming than coming in early Saturday morning to 
prepare to go to market and find that you have a cooler full of product 
and no cooling.

I've never had a compressor go out at a convenient time.

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