[Market-farming] Combine harvester

bob at bidumup.com bob at bidumup.com
Thu Oct 30 12:54:35 EST 2003

For those on the list that were in the market for a small combine harvester
I located a company in China making them for small tractors and have
inclosed the price email they sent me.
Dear Bob Crowder,

It is Berlin from China Depot. I am working in China office of China Depot,
responsible for supplying products from China. I am pleased to be introduced
to you by Mr. Walter H. Barrett, President of China Depot. Com LTD.

Thanks for your inquiry. Follows please find our offers for your reference.
Prices discounts are available for large quantity orders.

RE: model 4L-1 combine harvester

Commodity: combine harvester

Model: 4L-1

Unit Price: USD3000.00 FOB Main Port of China

Container Quantity: 2 SETS (1x40' container)


RE: Power

Model 4L-1 combine harvester, which is mounted on 55hp tractor

Please be advised that this model could harvest: corn, rice, soybean,
cowpea, wheat, sorgum, and amaranth.

b Crowder

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